From their hands, to yours.

Our products represent the hard work and dedication of talented individuals in communities that deserve recognition. By purchasing, you are not only supporting their livelihoods but also uplifting their spirits. We support and source from brands that have the same value and purpose.

Some of the brands we carry

We bring you beautiful home goods created by talented artisans, communities and brands that make a meaningful difference across the globe.

I have a genuine passion for empowering women all around the world by providing them with support for their products. As designers, we have found a shared purpose in our love for beautiful things, which has led us to carefully select exquisite items from communities, small businesses, and brands that uplift living. A dream that we'd like to share. Love, Janka

Being a busy mom to three kids, I desire to find beauty in everyday life. Whether it's putting away our children's toys, or preparing food in the kitchen, I want products that are both useful and beautiful, while also utilizing brands that have a purpose and support the community. Why not shop with purpose...and style with heart? With love, Hannah

I love discovering items that not only make life better but also contribute to communities and brands that align with our goals. Transform your home with our thoughtfully chosen collection of home goods that blend fashion and functionality. Come along with us as we search for stunning and purposeful items that have a positive impact. Love, Dayu


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