Syrenka Home Styling: How it is done

As designers, the question that we always come across from our clients is: “How do I start?” 
For most clients, the Interior Design process is usually a gray area not always being discussed in detail before a project starts. Here, we will explain step-by-step the process of working with us as your designer.
01: Consultation
Tell us about your dream room. After going over fees and the design agreement, we will visit your place and we get to work together on your vision.
You will get initial layout options for approval.
02: Initial Concept Stage
Once the layout is approved, get a first round of mood images. We love seeing what direction you choose! 
3. Concept 
Once we have agreed on the design direction, we will proceed with the furnishing selection. These are real items that would be used to decorate your space. You will then review and approve from the options. We will start making a 2D Room Visual so you could see how it looks like in your space.
4. Final Design
After your feedback, we will finalize your design. The final design includes the final furniture layout, 2D Room Visual, set-up instructions and an easy to click shopping list.
5. Shopping Time

Purchase all items from your clickable Shopping list and receive all your orders. We could also help you on purchasing, just let us know. We do charge 5% of the total budget for time consumed in purchasing for you. 

6. Install

Follow our install guide. When the room is ready, we schedule an accessory and styling of your space for half day. Because we are proud of the work we do, we'll be taking a few pictures of your new home and will be sure to send these to you too! Enjoy your newly designed space. 


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