Client: Mid-century Marvel


Emily, a young professional with an eye for style, approached us with a clear vision for her living space. She longed for a sanctuary that reflected her personality and taste, yet she found herself torn between two captivating aesthetics. Would she opt for the free-spirited allure of Bohemian Bliss, with its vibrant colors and eclectic mix of textures? Or would she be drawn to the clean lines and retro elegance of Modern Mid-Century, with its timeless appeal and minimalist vibe?

Crafting Two Concepts

Undeterred by the challenge, our design team set to work, weaving together mood boards, fabric swatches, and furniture selections to bring each concept to life. For Bohemian Bliss, we envisioned a space infused with warmth and whimsy—a sanctuary where bold patterns danced alongside plush textures, and every corner told a story.

On the other hand, Modern Mid-Century exuded an air of sophistication and refinement, with sleek furnishings, statement lighting, and a restrained color palette evoking the essence of mid-century design.


The Moment of Truth

We presented both concepts to Emily, laying out our vision for each space. Would she be drawn to the bohemian allure of mismatched prints and global accents? Or would the allure of mid-century modernism prove too irresistible to resist?

And the Winner Is...

After much deliberation, Emily made her decision. Drumroll, please... she chose... Modern Mid-Century!


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